First World War Side By Side Project

First World War Side By Side Project 09/11/2018

On 11th November 2018, we will be commemorating 100 years since the end of the First World War.  In tribute to the men and women who fought in the war, our guests are involved in a special project called ‘Side-by-Side’.

The 'Side by Side' project will focus on the solidarity of the community within the First World War, through the use of music and art.  It will focus how through music, soldiers and their families, and all of us here and now, could be joined together as a community despite being hundreds of miles apart, and the heritage they have given us a hundred years on.

The project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and involves:

  • Creating a dance and movement performance piece inspired by the music of the First World War.  Our guests have been working closely with Yvette Halfhide over a 6-week period.  Yvette is a wonderful ballet and dance practitioner who has been working with Touch Trust on many different projects for over 8 years;
  • Creating art inspired by the First World War.  Our guests have worked with local artist Prof Wendy Keay-Bright, Professor of Technology and Inclusion, and Director of the Centre for Applied Research in Inclusive Arts and Design (CARIAD) at Cardiff Metropolitan University.  With Prof Keay-Bright’s creative support, our guests and created amazing light pictures in the shape of a poppy.  Our guests are the focal point of each image and we feel that they embody hope, strength and overcoming adversity.  We also plan to make clay poppies with the support of a local clay artist.  All the images have been printed, framed and can be seen in the corridor as you walk into Touch Trust;
  • A group of our volunteers have received training in the use of music in a sensory environment in order to assist the project with the help of military experts, historians and through listening tales from our own guests and families.
  • On the 7th December, we will stage a performance at the Wales Millennium Centre.  Watch out for further news!
  • On the 14th December, the Cardiff Castle Firing Line Museum will be holding an outreach session with our guests.  Their educational officer Emma Newrick and curator Rachel Adams have been wonderful in tailoring their programme specifically for Touch Trust.  This will be followed up with our guests visiting the museum on the 21st December;

The Side-by-Side project is an amazing tribute to the brave men and women from the First World War.  Our performance is our guest’s way of saying ‘Thank You’.


For further information, please contact us:


Telephone:  02920 635660