Time For Me Day at Touch Trust

Time For Me Day at Touch Trust 18/10/2018

There are more carers in the community that at any time in our history.  Many of those carers are mums, dads, and siblings.  And that’s where the Connected Carers Project comes in.

The Connected Carers Project is run by the Glamorgan Voluntary Services (GVS) and supported by The Big Lottery Fund.  The project aims to give family carers much-needed practical support and advice and time out from their very demanding caring role.  GVS manages the project that is delivered by their partners, Cardiff and Vale Parents’ Federation and Touch Trust.

They arrange eight (8) ‘Time For Me’ days at Touch Trust over a 12 month period.  The family carers and the person they care for spend a morning or afternoon at Touch Trust, with the carers enjoying massages and sharing relaxed cups of tea with other carers.  At the same time, those who receive the care enjoy magical creative movement sessions.

The last ‘Time For Me’ day was on 22nd September 2018.  As the Trust Trust sessions took place in a nearby room, the carers were themselves cared for by four wonderful ladies.

Alex Critten, Pat Pash, Michelle Drew and Jan Davies all gave up their time to provide a wide range of relaxation including Indian head massages, feet rubs, and Reiki.  Each carer left the room almost floating above the floor.

When speaking with the four ladies, they explained the reason for being there.

“We want to give something back and provide a service that people need,” they explained.

Each carer had around 30 minutes of treatment where they could relax with the knowledge that the person they care for was safe and having fun.

The next ‘Time For Me’ day at Touch Trust is on Saturday 3rd November.  For further information or to reserve a place, please contact Ali on:

Email:  Alison.johnston@touchtrust.co.uk

Telephone:  02920 635660